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A competitively priced full service building supply...Online!
Full service still exists, and here the premium is on service not on price.
  Wow!!!  I found it at Volko...... and they made it easy to order. 

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Custom Chimney Caps 

Project Photos

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Paul in Illinois
25 x 47 in Copper

Richard & Sue in Ohio
25 x 58 in Copper

Mike in California
13 x 19 in Stainless Steel


Ken in Rodeo, California

Hi!  Here are photos of my self-installed chimney cap.  It came together very well.  I had to re-mortar the chimney top anyway for cracks, so I topped off with extra mortar and inserted stainless bolts using a cardboard template.

Once cured and hardened, fastening the nuts was a snap.  For the cap roof I used nylon lock nuts instead of your regular nuts-- all stainless of course.

Joe B Norwalk, CT
29x35 Stainless Steel

Thanks for the quick response to my order for a 29x35 chimney cap.  Since you sent it on the same day I ordered it, I received it in only 3 days!
Of course, I had to install it as soon as the box was in my hand.  It took me about a half hour and it looks great!  Thanks for a great product with great service. See the photos attached.

By the way, a local sheet metal contractor in the area quoted me three times the price I paid you.
  Thanks for not ripping me off!

Joe B
Norwalk, CT

Nice "made it fit"  Job

5/8"Spark Arrestor Mesh
"Bolt-Down" Stock Custom Cap

The World is not flat, so why should the crown of your chimney be flat.
Notice the cut and fold to seat this cap to the curvature of the cement crown.

Bill O in Harpswell, Maine

Just a note to give you some feedback on the Custom Cap that I installed yesterday.

It went very well, just as you had indicated by phone.  I did use the "BBQ type black paint" in the spray can.  I guess I could have used 2 cans but it worked out OK.

The best part was not having to cut the sheet metal to fit it.  The many holes in the flange part that fit on the chimney crown gave me a lot of flexibility for the "fit up" with the attachment lag screws and 1/4" screws, as you said, worked just right.
Hopefully this will help with some of my "water leakage" problems.
Thanks again to you and the Internet for making this a "no problem" project.

Bolt-on Chimney Caps

John & Jason V in California
"Single" Bolt-On in 5/8" Mesh

5/8" mesh Stainless Steel
Bolt-on cap on an oval liner.


Project Photos

Click for a bigger pic

Some comments...

Volko Supply is great!!!!      These people just get it.  There are not just another site on the web where you look for products for your fireplace,  they are a full SERVICE site.  They just don't want to sell you and make the quick buck.  I spoke with Reiner whom actually told me to try a few simple solutions before I spent close to $300.  These people are really interested in you and the problem you may be having.  Call them and you'll see.  I've worked in Customer Service for the last 20 yrs for a major optical company and this is the 1st time I got the customer service I always give.  They Were GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Give them a call or e-mail you won't regret it.

Sincerely, James B       L.D.O


Wow, I didn't expect you to Fed-Ex the missing nuts for my chimney cap.

I recently ordered a custom "Forever Cap" that arrived without the nuts to attach the top to the sides.  On Monday I called, and the nuts were at my home on Tuesday!

Thanks again for the great customer service.

Ben S


Just a quick note to thank you for your fast service for our order for the two Lock-Top Dampers and helping me find the right product for my needs.

These Lock-Top Dampers installed easily and seem to be of good quality.

It was a pleasure dealing with you and your company.

Best regards,

Joe D


Dealing with your company has been a gratifying experience.

Your sales staff is helpful and knowledgeable recommending the proper Chimney Cap we
needed for the job. Service was fast & efficient and competitively priced.

Joe F

Thanks for all the help on my recent purchase.  You definitely saved me a
lot of money compared to the cold calls I was receiving from local chimney

The caps were easy to install...I even re did the crown myself
thanks to your advice!  You were very pleasant on the phone and helpful in
every way.

Ward L


Thanks for the letter and receipt.  I did find shopping with you
painless.  I had been looking for a 9" chimney cap for some time through
****-Chimney Co.  I sent them several emails over the last year and never
received a response.  I know they no longer make 9" product but at least
they could have referred me to someone like yourself where I could get
one. I'm glad I came across your site.  Thanks again.

Phil D


Received the turbine, exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks for all the
help, I will certainly recommend you as a source for other
"Outhouse/Privy"  applications in my area.  Have a good day.

Ed B


Having no results at local improvement stores I got on the internet and came across your web page. Not sure of the size I needed I was greeted with knowledge and a very personal touch.

Mr Reiner Scherzinger was exceptional in advising me as to type and size. In fact he called me back to re-measure my chimney so as to not make any mistakes. The cap was delivered in two days.  Installed it quickly without any problem.

The best cap on block. thanks again your great.

Arnold M


We received the packages well on time and I would like to thank you for
ensuring that everything went smoothly today.

I will definitely contact you if we need this product again in the future.
It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks again.

Effie M




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