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Custom Fancy Copper Leaderheads - Portland, Oregon Project

Hand Made in USA! (Actually in New York)

100% Copper - 16 oz


custom fancy copper leaderheads

In September of 2014 I was lucky enough to get a phone call from a custom builder up in the Portland, Oregon area.  Turns out he had some very specific water collection needs for a project he was working on, and was happy to find a company he could talk to about his needs.

Over the course of a few days we had some phone conversations, exchanged some sketches, and got to work.  Within 7 working days product was out the door to Portland and we had a happy customer.

A right angle outside mitre custom copper leaderhead, a fancy leaderhead with a custom high back, and another custom copper leaderhead designed to be tucked into the corner of a building against a wall.


custom fancy copper scupper boxes

flange back custom fancy copper leaderhead

copper outside mitre conductor head custom

The design of the house necessitated putting two collector boxes up against the wall in a corner.  Our customer asked us to make two mirror image custom copper conductor heads, and we came through. We took the classic styling of our fancy copper leaderhead but gave it a high flange back to meet the customer's installation needs.  We also increased the size of the collector box in order to handle potentially heavy rains in the Pacific Northwest. This custom leaderhead required some thought, but execution was a snap.  The custom home has valleys dropping directly to an outside mitre.  We fabricated this copper leaderhead into an outside corner designed to feed one three inch copper leader.


custom copper leaderhead sketch shop drawing

outside mitre copper leaderhead custom fancy copper leaderhead

The sketch we used to make the mirror image leaderheads to tuck against the wall.

The sketch for the outside mitre custom copper leaderhead.



copper mitre leaderhead bottom

back of copper leaderhead fabrication

top view custom copper leaderhead mitre collector box

The bottom of the mitre leaderhead

Note the soldered seams on the back of this custom copper leaderhead.

A top down shot of the outside mitre custom copper leaderhead



custom fancy copper leader heads

All 8 of the leaderheads before being wrapped and boxed for Fed Ex to take out to our customer in Portland.


We were also able to supply the copper roof vents for this project.  With the roof being installed, our customer was happy that we keep copper roof jacks in stock ready to ship.  With one phone call, four copper roof jacks were shipped out the same day they were ordered.

copper roof jack bathroom vent kitchen vent


fancy copper leaderhead volko

Stock Fancy Leaderhead, or Standard/Commercial Leaderhead?  We have both, as well as our custom work  Call 1-800-685-8263 or email with your specific needs

stock 4 inch copper leaderhead

We Can make any size and style copper leader head you can think of or sketch!  This picture shows a large custom leaderhead, our stock 4" and 3" fancy leaderhead, as well as a "fluted" leaderhead which gives a bit more depth.

custom and stock copper leaderhads



custom copper leaderheads, large custom copper leaderheads

closed top copper leaderhead

closed top copper leaderhead detail

These 10 custom copper leader heads were fabricated for a restoration in Chicago.  The customer sent us a sample, and we turned the order around in about 10 business days.

Another customer wanted to have closed tops on the leader heads, and a removable sleeve as a transition and for cleaning.  With an accurate sketch we were able to fabricate these no problem.

Detail of the closed top copper leader head. We removed the sleeve for this picture.  You can see the seams are all soldered.

To get water from a flat roof to a copper leaderhead you will need some form of drain.  Going through a parapet wall your best bets are a flanged scupper or a thru-wall leaderbox

copper outlet with flange scupper

Also made here in New York, our copper scuppers are built to stand the tests of time and the elements.  Perfect as an overflow drain or an easy to install primary roof drain.   If you want to divert water directly to a leader, or prevent a rush of water from leaving your  roof, our copper leaderbox is just the ticket.

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